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Auscarts update COVID 19 UPDATE

Cancellations: Auscarts customer who have Pre booked will be offered a credit voucher which can be used until November 30th 2020. This is our current terms and conditions and will be updated accordingly to Australian government department of health. Auscarts has no cases and takes the health and safety of employees and patrons seriously. Auscarts encourages you to please keep this in mind and support your local businesses through this unprecedented time.



Entry into Auscarts Racing

The Hirer:

1. Agrees that the driving of go-karts is inherently dangerous and may lead to either death or injury. The Hirer voluntarily agrees to voluntarily accept all risks and danger prior to, during and subsequent to the driving of go-karts, including damage or injury caused by other drivers.

2. Agrees to use  AUSCART RACING services and facilities or occupy the premises and surrounds of 50 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne and any part of it at their own risk and release to the full extent permitted by law.

3. Agrees to inform management to any pre-existing health conditions, including, any physical limitations or medical conditions, including but not limited to neck weakness, back weakness, recent surgery, broken bones, heart conditions, nervous disorders, motion sickness and epilepsy.Management recommends that pregnant women should not race.

5. Agrees to abide by the rules and regulations established bu Auscarts Racing and follow all direction from track Marshalls and management.

9. The hirer will accept responsibility and pay for all deliberate damage caused to Karts and Equipment used by the Hirer at cost.

AUSCART RACING Policy on Liquor is that all drivers must be under 0.00 Blood Alcohol Concentration before racing. Any Participants who do not obey these regulations will not be allowed to race. Drivers will be breath tested before .

Does Auscarts have any age restrictions?

Patrons need to be Minimum of 13 years of age. All minors between the ages of 13 to 18 will need a parent or guardian to read and sign the form and will need to be brought in on race day and given to the manager on duty. A minor will always need to accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Minors under the age of 13 can enter the venue however, they are not allowed to drive as they are not covered under Auscarts Public Liability.

Does Auscarts have any height restrictions?

Our karts are designed to accommodate a broad range of people. The seat and pedals can be adjusted backwards and forwards, independently. Patrons are required to be a minimum height of  143cm  which is within  the specification of our karts and their safety equipment. This is subject to the patron being able to fit into the kart safely and be able to drive in accordance to Auscarts Safety Rules and Regulations. If you are unsure, our staff can do a test fitting prior to your session.

Does Auscarts have any weight restrictions?

Our karts can hold patrons weighing up to 145kg. There is no lower weight limit, however there must not be any space between the driver, the sides of the seat and the harness. We have karts with 2 different seat sizes. For smaller builds we have foam seat inserts. Please note this will be subject to patron correct and Safe Fitment into the Karts.
Please note if you are worried you will not safely fit into the Karts, please visit us at Auscarts at 50 Salmon Street Port Melbourne for a Fitment and driver evaluation.

Is there a minimum number of people needed to book a race package?

All race packages have minimum and maximum numbers. Please refer to individual packages for requirements. Auscarts caters for 14 drivers on the track at anyone time, more drivers will result in either two or three group packages.

I don’t have the minimum number of drivers but I want to book a session, can I?

Yes of course you can, but you must pay for the minimum. The same applies if drivers don’t turn up on the day. The session minimum must be always be paid for and the exclusive time you have booked the track for.

Do I need to book a race package?

Yes, we are a very busy Go Kart centre. It is recommended booking as early in advance as you can. It is best to call up during business hours, so your event coordinator can take the time to organize your event just the way you want it.

Does Auscarts require a deposit?

Yes we do!  If you are booking a exclusive race session or casual racing , a 25% deposit will be required within 5 business working days of placing your reservation. If your booking is within the next two days, your 25 % deposit is due immediately. In your booking event quote you will also receive Auscarts Racing terms and conditions. Please carefully read and sign and send back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your event  coordinator. 

Due to the extreme popularity of the venue, we reserve the right to accept other bookings if the deposit has not been paid within this time frame. You will receive a booking cancellation email letting you know we have cancelled your booking.

Weight Requirements:

Karts can safely hold drivers up to 145kg. This will be subject to correct and safe fitting into the karts. If you are concerned you will not be able to safely fit into a kart, please visit 50 Salmon Street Port Melbourne for fitting and driver evaluation.

Clothing Requirements:

Comfortable clothing, flat closed toe shoes are required to be worn. Thongs, head wear, scarves, turbans, Hijab or any head wear that conflicts with the health and safety of the fitment of helmet - Will not be allowed, sandals and high heels will not be allowed Helmets and hairnets are provided by ESTELLE & CO P/L ACN - 130865968 AS TRUSTEE FOR ESTELLE TRUST ABN - 88791889123 T/A AUSCART RACING. Balaclavas are available for head covering on site.


Increases in numbers will be accepted up to 7 business days prior to the function. Decreases in numbers and cancellations will be accepted up to 7 working days prior to the function or full charge will be applied. On the day of your event, your catering order must be paid in full, even if less participants show up than have been catered for.


Terms and conditions need to be signed when making a deposit. If you pay your deposit and do not show up on race day, Auscarts reserves the right to charge you the full remainder of the balance owing. Driver who blow over 0.00 BAC ill not be given a refund. 


Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Bankcard, AMEX (there is a surcharge on AMEX) and company cheque with identification will be accepted.


It is expected that the race organiser present themselves to the reception area to organise payment. We do not split bills.

Final Numbers:

Will need to be confirmed 7 business days prior to your function date. If the amount of people that is stated on the event quote do not show up on the day, you will still need to pay for  number of participants for your chosen casual racing or race format . If numbers increase or decrease, final numbers need to be confirmed 7 business days prior to your event.

Do I need to book casual racing ?

Yes it is advisable to book in advance to secure the time and day you want to book your event. You can also call up on the morning of the day to ask for available spots . Please note we may be fully booked so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

What do I need to do, to book?

First thing is to work out how many drivers you will have in your group.

Just give us a call on (03) 9646 6015 (preferably during business hours) or email our friendly event team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You will be asked how many drivers you have and what package you would like to do. A deposit of 25% is also required to lock the booking in. Bookings will be cancelled after a couple of days, without deposit.

How many people can drive on our track at one time?

Auscarts Racing  can cater for a maximum of 14 drivers on the track at one time. Larger groups will be split into 2 or more races .

Our event staff are here to make your event a memorable one, so please ask us how we can create this for you!

I can't see the track record or scoreboard?

All individual results will be emailed to you after your event. Live timing and scoreboard results will be displayed on our website. 

You will need to install the Microsoft Silverlight Plugin. Once installed refresh the page (press F5) for best results.


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