What to Wear

To make your karting experience exceptional!
Please wear the following gear ;
  • Closed toe shoes - no thongs, sandals, slides and high heels are allowed
  • Head coverings are not allowed to be worn 
  • Comfortable clothing - no tight hoodies allowed
  • Please make sure long hair is tied up in a bun or ponytail. Auscarts requires patrons to wear a hairnet in which hair must be tucked in.
  • Any type of scarves are not allowed when racing to optimise your safety
  • All drives will be breath tested before racing - Drivers need to be 0.00 BAC to race
  • No loose clothing is allowed ie Long dresses, skirts, long jackets, harem pants or ponchos
  • Balaclavas, racing gloves and goggles are available on the day at an extra cost
  • Your hairnet, helmet and kart is provided by Auscarts
  • Head wear worn must be taken off and a balaclava used to race , this may include headscarf, skullcap, hijab . This is to ensure the safety fitment of your helmet and occupational health and safety procedures of Auscarts Racing . 

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