Go Kart and Track Safety

Auscarts is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all drivers and spectators. All of our staff go through track marshall training, comprehensive testing, and first aid qualifications.


Kart Checks

Auscarts racing is the only indoor center which kart checks each and everyday. Our qualified staff run through the daily safety checks on all go karts, track and barrier systems. All our track Marshals wear high vis vests so you are able to identify them. They are also equipped with radios for fast communication and garason buttons. Each individual track marshal is able to slow down karts or turn them off if required.


Breath Tests

Auscarts Racing is the only venue that breath tests each and every driver before racing to ensure they have 0.00 Alcohol in customers systems. This is to ensure the safety of the individual driver along with other patrons on the track. Once the customer has passed the breath test you will be given a yellow wristband. This is to indicate you have been tested and are ready to race.

Once all drivers have been breath tested they are taken into the safety briefing room and shown the video . This is the time for drivers to ask questions (especially for a first timer).



All exclusive race sessions and casual racing are supervised by qualified track marshals.


Safety Equipment

Auscarts provides each patron with a hairnet and correctly fitted helmet. Safety goggles and balaclavas are available at extra cost.

Auscarts will properly fit you in the kart and make any safety adjustments to your seat, pedals or harness seat belt for the ultimate driving experience.


Our Fleet

Our fleet of Sodi GT5 Racing Karts from France features add up to create an exceptional high performance kart. These karts feature a fully enclosed fuel tank providing further comfort and protection for drivers legs. Our fleet is daily maintained and changed over on a yearly basis.

Auscarts Racing is the only venue that have 5 point harness seat belts and mandatory neck braces for each driver.


Our Track

Auscarts track barrier system has been designed and tested for the purpose of indoor Go karting.

Our race track is vacuumed with a professional track Vac each day to remove any debris.

Light systems have been put in place to help navigate drivers through stopping, walking pace and racing conditions.


Reports & Forms

Please ask our event staff if you require our risk assessment /fire exits plan/documentation report and indemnity forms.

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