Auscarts provide an interactive learning environment. We equip kids with the skills they need for the road (learners permit), and help bond teachers and students outside of the classroom.

Where we differ, is our focus on student learning and improving student relationships.

School Groups

School packages includes:

  • Race Session
  • Personal race result sheets for every racer
  • Medallions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place
  • Teachers race at teen price

Excursions, Graduations, Social Learning

Our event space gives students an experience with a difference. This adrenaline filled environment creates the perfect backdrop for new school friendships or experiencing something once in a lifetime.

What We Teach

Although a go kart centre isn’t a substitute for driving on the road it can develop children’s skill base, from simple hand eye co-ordination through to being able to use the accelerator and brake.

Minor Indemnity Form

Download, print, sign, and provide this form for each driver that is under 18 years.