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Drive Our Sodikart Gt-5R Karts

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Race The Auscarts Track

A world Class Layout makes an exhilarating hot lap and wonderful Technical challenge for your pursuits. Eager Racers appreciate the many passing opportunities while joy riders love the easiness around the Track.

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Situated in Port Melbourne, just a short distance from the CBD and with ample parking, Auscarts is perfectly located for all your karting needs.

Casual Racing

Challenge the clock and your friends, fly around the track at top speed, with unparalleled safety and personal control. Emulate formula one heroes in the comfort of the indoor track.

If you have a small group of drivers or you want to kart individually, Casual Racing is perfect for you.

45 mins / 60 laps

Packages To Suit Everyone

Imagine entering the Venue for an exclusive Race Meeting, a Pit Pass identifying your company is hung around your neck. Overhead the Scoreboard depicts your Name for the First Race! The Music is Pumping, the atmosphere Electric. You are ready to Race. Tension Mounts as the engine is revving. Red, Amber, GREEN- you’re off and Racing!

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