Cancellation Policy


Auscarts update cancellation policy 


Auscarts Terms and Conditions will be sent through via Panda Doc in a seperate email. You will need to read and electronically sign this document.




DEPOSIT POLICY: If you are booking a race session or a casual race, a 50% deposit will be required within 5 business working days of placing your reservation if your booking is in 10 or more business days. If your booking is within the next 7 days, your 50% deposit is due immediately. Due to the extreme popularity of the venue, we reserve the right to accept other bookings if the deposit has not been paid within this time frame.


Terms and conditions need to be signed and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when making a deposit to confirm your booking. If you pay your deposit and do not show up on race day Auscarts reserves the right to charge you the full remainder of the balance owing.


FINAL PAYMENT POLICY: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX (there is a surcharge on AMEX) 


PAYMENT IS DUE ON THE RACE DAY BEFORE COMMENCEMENT OF RACING. It is expected that the race organiser present themselves to the reception area to organise payment. We do not split bills. 


FINAL NUMBERS: Will need to be confirmed 7 business days prior to your function date. If the amount of people that is stated on the event quote do not show up on the day, you will still need to pay for the minimum number of participants for your chosen race format. If numbers increase or decrease, final numbers need to be confirmed 7 business days prior to your event.


CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be notified in writing at least 28 business working days before the race date. Failure to do so will result in no refund being provided.
Bookings between November 13th to December 23rd : All cancellations must be notified in writing 28 business days prior to your function or no refund will be provided.

Auscarts Racing breath tests each and every participant 18 + before racing . All drivers need to be 0.00 BAC to race. Please note if you do not pass this breath test , refunds will not be given. This policy is all communication between the venue and person or person's booking the event.


  COVID-19 Update - Business closure due to government direction

ln the event of a snap lockdown , Auscarts will hold all  deposits/ payments  paid in a trust account during this time. In the event of the booking being cancelled due to government shutdown of COVID-19, you will be able to move your booking or receive a credit voucher for your payment which is valid for 3 years .



Auscarts highly recommends you to wear a mask under your helmet for extra protection and hygiene. 

QR Code checkin is mandatory upon entry to the venue

1.5 mtr social distance  is required between groups 

Auscarts approach currently using the following measures and preventative strategies; Auscarts employees are exercising constant cleaning procedures throughout the venue.

- Spraying helmets, karts, steering wheels, and all surfaces with glen 20 and antibacterial wipe down throughout the venue

- Hairnets are provided and balaclavas are available for purchase

- Supply of hand sanitiser throughout the venue
- Surface areas frequently wiped down


Please note customers details will be kept amid a sixth wave of COVID-19. Your details will be kept, and ID’s will be checked. As patrons we ask you to exercise good judgement by not attending events at Auscarts if you are unwell for any reason. We expect all guests to follow precautions and notices throughout the venue.


ALCOHOL:  ESTELLE & CO P/L ACN - 130865968 AS TRUSTEE FOR ESTELLE TRUST ABN - 88791889123 T/A AUSCART RACING policy on liquor is zero B.A.C. Any participants who do not obey these regulations will not be allowed to race. Your blood alcohol level must zero (0.00). All drivers will be required to be breath tested to determine their eligibility to drive. Alcohol will not be served before racing. If drivers are intoxicated on the race day, NO REFUNDS will be given and the minimum number drivers for your event will be charged.


REFUNDS: In the event of unforeseen weather conditions or business disturbances, refunds will not be provided. Instead, the booking will be transferred to another day. Refunds will not be given if you are late for your Briefing/arrival time. 

Deposits are non - refundable and non transferable to other dates or times. Auscarts Racing terms and conditions need to be signed when making a event deposit. If you pay your deposit and do not show up on race day, Auscarts reserves the right to charge you the full remainder balance of your booking owing to us. In the event of giving Auscarts 28 business days notice, your event deposit will be refunded.


AGE REQUIREMENTS: Patrons need to be a minimum of 13 years of age. All minors between the ages of 13 to 18 will need a parent or guardian to read and sign the minor indemnity form which will need to be brought in on race day and given to the manager on duty. A minor will always need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Minors under the age of 13 are not allowed to drive as they are not covered under Auscarts Public Liability. Please proceed to to download the minor indemnity form.


HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Patrons need to be a minimum of 143cm tall to be able to drive safely and reach the pedals. This is subject to the patron being able to fit into the kart safely and able to drive in accordance to Auscarts Safety Rules and Regulations. Inner seats are available on site for small frame people.


WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Karts can safely hold drivers up to 145kg. This will be subject to correct and safe fitting into the karts. If you are concerned you will not be able to safely fit into a kart, please visit 50 Salmon Street Port Melbourne for fitting and driver evaluation.


CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS: Comfortable clothing, flat closed toe shoes are required to be worn. Loose clothing, scarves , thongs, sandals and high heels will not be allowed. Helmets and hairnets are provided by ESTELLE & CO P/L ACN - 130865968 AS TRUSTEE FOR ESTELLE TRUST ABN - 88791889123 T/A AUSCART RACING. 


CATERING: Increases in numbers will be accepted up to 14 business days prior to the function. Decreases in numbers and cancellations will be accepted up to 14 working days prior to the function or full charge will be applied. On the day of your event, your catering order must be paid in full, even if less participants show up than have been catered for. Outside food is not allowed into the venue.




 As Auscarts continues to navigate through these unprecedented times, we will offer all pre booked events a credit voucher in the case of a Lock down by the Government.

Auscarts will keep our valid customers updated accordingly to Australian government department of health officials. Auscarts has no cases of this virus and are taking great measures to make sure our venue is constantly disinfected. We encourage you to please keep this in mind,  and support your local businesses through this unknown time.






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