Covid-19 Update

Helmet Sanitiser


Dear Customers,

In line with Victoria Government easing the restrictions of COVID-19, we are excited to announce that we will be reopening our venue to the public on Thursday 4th June 2020!

As Auscarts continues to navigate through the recent events of COVID – 19 in our community and we are reassuring the measures that we have put in place. Auscarts continues to follow advice from the department of Health and Human services regarding updates and preventative measures.

Our mission is to create adrenaline experiences to remember on our track and we place the utmost importance on the wellbeing and safety of all our patrons and employees. To follow this, we have introduced new safety and preventative measures to effectively reduce the risk associated with the presence of COVID-19 in line with requirements of health authorities and government guidelines.

 Prior to your arrival

On arrival

  • We have reduced our guest capacity to 20 patrons in the venue to allow for 1.5-meter social distancing and the best possible driver experience
  • Patrons will notice all our new information and COVID-19 signage regarding key instructions and safety messages
  • Please note we are required to record contact details for every guest to enters to ensure that contact tracing can be conducted if necessary.
  • A hand sanitiser station will be available as you walk in our venue.
  • Arrive with 0.00 bac for alcohol testing to be completed
  • Any patrons who did not pre-register before arrival will be required to register through the following steps at Auscarts;

Social distancing measures within our venue

  • We have introduced new arrangements for the application of social distancing within queues. Carpet stickers, markers and signage have been placed around our building including our bar area, hallways, bridge, viewing areas and entry to help everyone keep a safe distance from one another. Our employees will monitor the queues that social distancing is being maintained.
  • We have installed new hygiene screens at our service counters to help physically separate guests from employees.

Hygiene and disinfection measures within our venue

  • We have reduced our high frequency touch points by drivers pre-registering before attending the venue rather than using registration computers at the venue
  • We have installed hand sanitiser dispenser stations throughout the venue for optimum hygiene for guests to use.
  • We have introduced enhanced cleaning measures throughout the day which seek to disinfect high frequency touch points, such as door handles, railings, bar area, bathrooms, tables, and chairs.
  • We have introduced that our breathalyser testing cups and breathalysers to be sanitised with approved disinfectants after each use.
  • We have introduced new deep cleaning and preventative measures;
    - Go-Karts including seats, seatbelts, steering wheels, and plastics will be thoroughly disinfected after each use.
    - Helmets and neck braces are also sanitised with glen 20 after each use. We have also installed a UVC Machine. Helmets will go through our new UVC light machine after being sprayed with Glen 20 to kill any remaining traces of bacteria
    - Drivers will also be provided disposable hairnets and masks to wear while they wear helmets during the race. Balaclavas are available if anyone would like to purchase.
  • As with our employees, we kindly request all patrons to uphold highest possible hygiene standards – whether it be through regular handwashing, frequent sanitising or coughing or sneezing into your elbow.
  • All employees at Auscarts have been trained in COVID-19 infection control.
    Auscarts is aware of concerns about your future racing events at Auscarts. As a venue we have a critical role in making sure our employees and patrons are always safe within our premises. We hope these new health and safety measures provides our guests with up most confidence and reassurance when visiting us. As these are unprecedented times for everyone, and whilst every effort is being taken to protect safety and wellbeing of our patrons, we ask that everyone to keep informed regarding the personal responsibilities, conditions, and risks before they visit. We thank you for your understanding during these times and we are excited to make some more fun adrenaline experiences to remember at Auscarts Racing

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff on 03 9646 6015 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please follow the below link for update information.

The Department of Health and Human Services has several resources on its website, which explain the virus, detail risk-reduction practices and behaviours, and answer frequently asked questions. These are available at:



Auscarts Management Team